Now with New Awesome: Episode 1 – Erica McGillivray

In a two-year unintentional streak, I’m releasing a podcast near my birthday. Now with New Awesome is the silly name I came up with for a very simple, broad idea: ┬áTalk to people who are doing cool, interesting things across the web. Our first show is with GeekGirlCon president Erica McGillivray, who graciously answered a completely blind email. Erica’s entire life is a geek-out, and I talked with her about supporting geeky women everywhere, her essay in a new collection and the ultimate transferable skill of being yourself.

Know someone who should be featured on Now With New Awesome? Drop me a line at nowwithnewawesome at gmail.

Show notes

Music by Incompetech



Mad Norwegian Press

Time from interview to production: 1 month (with a international vacation thrown in!)

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