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Ahlan around town

Posted in ahlan on January 21st, 2012 by Taylor – Be the first to comment

It was a busy 2011. To say the least.

I moved. I started a new job. I went to London for two weeks. And that was just three weeks in August. It was a fantastic year, but as it goes with a hurried life, a lot of personal projects got pushed to the side. 2012 might be a bit calmer (maybe. I make no promises, but perhaps this will be the year I don’t completely change my life around each summer), so I’m focusing back in, figuring out what’s moving me and making me excited.

But one dip back into 2011: I finished it off with a story for Homicide Watch DC – which if you’ve never heard of it, I encourage you to dive in and read what the site is all about. Laura Norton Amico has done as inspiring job with a two-person shop and focus on something’s that direly needed.

The story, about unsolved cold cases in DC, left many of my questions went unanswered, but reminded me the long, important slog of building stories up from the bottom:

“I say it each and every night to my son, why didn’t you tell me something was wrong?”

For Shirley Jamieson the most important thing to her is finding out who killed her son, James Lott. That way she doesn’t look at young men around her and wonder if they were perhaps responsible for his death.

“I find hatred in my heart,” she said, “And that’s not me.”

Jamieson, who lives in Brandywine, Md, avoids the area where Lott was shot if she can, taking detours to get away from the city. She said she is still upset that, while MPD detectives have spoken to her about the investigation on the phone, police never came to her house, even on the night her son died.

The officers working the case, she says, are respectful, but don’t have a lot of new information to impart.

“It’s almost five years,” she said. “I just don’t understand the system.”

I’m looking to do more long items – and a bit of my “own” writing in the upcoming new year. Plus, after just recording Taylor on Taylor episode three (with special guest!) this morning, I’m jazzed for new stuff overall.

The Author, Elsewhere

Posted in ahlan on June 15th, 2011 by Taylor – Be the first to comment

Ahlan wa Cheerio, a wholly-owned subsidary of me dot com, acknowledges that it does not have a steady stream of posts that would be sufficient enough for a constant readership, but boy do we have plans. In the meantime and in between all the wishful thinking, I’d like to point out that the royal we has been quite busy as of late, hustlin’ and enjoying the life of a working writer.

  • At T-Sides, a culture blog after my own heart, I’m half of Taylor on Taylor, a podcast for your delight where I join the awesome Taylor K. Long (and I don’t say that just because of the name) in discussing whatever mode of cultural production that suits our fancy. Topics so far include: Kid Cudi, why Katy Perry is a robot sent to destroy me, the sweet oddness of David Lynch and loving those who would be deemed “sell-outs”. Not for small children, as I talk about Dune too much and occasionally swear.
  • Over at my day-and-night-but-not-most-weekends job, I’m super proud to present the culmination of several months work, on what I’m calling my second journalism masters’ project. For this one, I got deep into court records, spent hours with sources in their houses or on the phone, and snuck up to take house pictures. Wanted to know how a house gets condemned in Montgomery County, Maryland? Maybe not, but I hope I’ve somewhat transcended its very local appeal.