As an editor I’ve worked on lengthy investigations, feel good stories, and profiles of people on the cultural and scientific edge. Here’s some selected highlights – a full list is here.

A woman’s choice – sexual favors or lose her home

As story after story of sexual harassment in Hollywood and other industries broke in late 2017 and early 2018, writer Jessica Lussenhop reported on the stories of harassment literally closer to home.

I worked on this story from strategizing a reporting planĀ  to structural edits to full production and promotional roll out.

The full story of how this story came to be and what we learned is in this Twitter thread.

My father fought the CIA’s secret war in Laos (by Peter Lang Stanton)

In a broadcast organization, the best stories are often found in radio – and learning how to guide writers from a broadcast script to an narrative feature was crucial to the success of stories like this one.

A dog that transformed a 104-year-old’s life (by Jen Reeder)

Layla helps centenarian Milt feel less lonely. Super cute. 13/10 would commission again.

Why I injected myself with an untested gene therapy’ (by Jessica Lussenhop)

Wildly experimental science? Reporting on an ethical gray area? Highly controversial medical company? All the check boxes for danger were here in this story, but it ended up a successful education in careful fact checking and legal review, all while keeping the narrative intact.