Writing and Reporting

I report features on compelling characters, long shot stories of every variety and seek to answer complicated questions about how we live now – and will in the future. Some selected highlights:

‘I’ve lived in a church for over a year to avoid deportation

I traveled to Mancos, Colorado to interview Rosa Sabido, one of nearly 50 people living in sanctuary in churches in the US to avoid deportation. But as I went home to write this story, something huge shifted in her life – and it became part of the story.

Aloha to the US: Is Hawai’i an occupied nation?

As Native Hawaiian activists debated the merits of federal recognition under the Bureau of Indian Affairs and legitimacy of new ‘aha process, I took a look at the historic background of arguments that Hawai’i wasn’t legitimately admitted to the US – and what opposing factions of Hawaiians want to happen next.

Is the US solar industry about to tear itself apart? – BBC News

The US solar industry has seen dramatic growth in the past few years, but a request for a rare trade action has led to a fierce fight over the future of the industry – and one that wouldn’t exist without the presidency of Donald Trump. Understanding the underlying business model of many solar installers helped me turn this story around quickly.

Why local newspapers are sounding the alarm

A series of dramatic op-eds in local Colorado papers set off a string of firings and resignations – with veteran local journalists calling it an all out fight for survival. I spoke to one of those journalists and the community of 100,000 people that could soon find itself without a single local newspaper.

Reviving Cold Cases in DC – Homicide Watch DC

In 2011, Washington, DC’s police department and the US attorney’s general’s office reopened dozens of cold case murders. Homicide detectives finally had the time, but had the trail already gone too cold?

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